Our Classroom Plan

How will we get to know your children?

As in a traditional classroom, students will be assigned to a primary teacher who will be responsible for their assessments, conferences, report cards, etc.  This teacher will conduct the same questionnaires at Back-To-School Night as would occur on any given year.  The advantage for students in a collaborative teaching classroom is that there will be two different teaching styles and personalities for children to connect with.  There will also be two different sets of eyes on the children to problem-solve, address challenges, and notice.  Finally, there will be more opportunities for small group instruction, which is often when a great deal of individual information about both the student and teacher is learned.

Classroom Management

We believe in using positive reinforcement as much as possible; rewarding good behavior and work, rather then punishing and being negative.  Our expectations will be clear and front-loaded at the start of the year with an expectation that a culture will form to best meet the needs of a collaborative student and teacher working environment.  We will give clear expectations as to how and why things are set up in a specific way.  In addition, it is important to note that discipline decreases when students have autonomy and are engaged.

Our Student Goals

We have many goals both academic and social for our students but above all we will strive to have our students:
·  Work independently in teams
·  Question and investigate
·  Problem-Solve
·  Take risks in a safe environment
·  Master and apply basic skills to new situations
·  Innovate


Between School and Home:

We will be setting up a class website that will be private for the families within our class.  This is so pictures and work can be posted for the families to enjoy.  We will also be participating in a blog, updating the staff and community about our progress in a collaborative teaching classroom.  Finally, we can always be reached through email.

Which teacher do I contact?

Each student in our class will be assigned a "primary" teacher.  This will be the teacher that parents direct their questions, comments, and concerns to.  With that said, if there is a concern or bit of important information that both teachers should be aware of, then informing both teachers would be beneficial.  Finally, conferences, SST's, and IEP's will be held with the student's primary teacher.  However, input can be given and shared from the partner teacher.

How will our classroom be...